Backyard BBQ

Do you think you have the best tasting Ribs in Central Maryland?? Well here is your chance to prove it. The Central MD Swinetastic BBQ Festival is hosting a backyard bbq contest on Saturday June 15th. Bring your grill and your secret recipe and we will see what you’ve got. We will have “certified” bbq judges on hand to judge your ribs. The rules are simple: Fresh Raw Pork Ribs (no country style ribs) on ice, the meat cannot be prepped in anyway until we inspect your ribs. Bring your own grill (gas,charcoal,wood,pellet)and bring your own ingredients to prepare your product. You must follow all food safety rules we provide to you, and you have up to 8 hrs to prepare and turn in your product. All you need is $50 to enter, why not give it a shot!!!

Thank you for your interest in being an Backyard BBQ competitor! We currently are all filled up! We cannot thank you enough for your support!

You can find the Full List of Winners Here!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Backyard Teams

Angry Bee’s
Backyard Bone Yankers
Baltimore Moonswiners
Brew & Q
Bro B’s Que
Budweiser Backyard BBQ
Charm City Cookers
Dorks who like Pork
Four J’s BBQ
Hokie Smokies BBQ
Hold my Beer & Watch This!
Island Porkers
It’s the Pits
Mason Dixon Smokeline
Morning Dew BBQ
Penciltucky Woodchuck’n BBQ
Percy’s BBQ
Rubbin’ It Out
Show us your Racks
Smoked & Confused BBQ
Smokey Gee’s
Smokin’ Coops Backyard BBQ
The Basnegers
The Meatheads
The Usual Suspects


Thank you for all your support!

Still looking for Sponsors for 2013, please email us for more information.