Basics of BBQ Roasting

Basics of BBQ Roasting

Let’s give em a Roast

Roasting is great fun and easy. The basic principles need to be understood and its plain sailing. The Roasting outcome is dependant of the type of barbeque & cut of meat being used. Our ancestors did this – they hunted meat, wrapped it in leaves and covered with rocks. Today we roast in an oven or barbeque. A bbq roast is more fun & the flavours achieved are unique and much better than those in an oven. Undeniably BBQ!

A better produced barbie will give you a predictable outcome. Some bbqs brands like Weber & Beefeater have been developed to roast amongst their other primary functions, as compared to market generics. They have research and development dollars actively spent on their design which generally betters every two years.

Want to win friends and influence people? Do a great roast on the barbie! Nothing beats the great ambiance of a party around a barbie roast. Your guests will be most impressed and touched. Bottle of Red, Great Friends or Family & a great Roast.

Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • The basic technique – called ‘Indirect Cooking’ on either a Charcoal or Gas Hooded BBQ. Don’t use the burners directly under the food. Instead, the food you’re wanting to roast is placed in the middle of the bbq. Turn off the burner under the food and leave on the exterior burners to either side on low. Close the BBQ Hood to retain the heat via convection cooking. This way the underside of the food wont get burnt nor will the bbq flare-up. Rather the heat & flavours get trapped around the food cooking it evenly and slowly.
  • Getting started – you’ll need a hooded bbq, sufficient fuel – for charcoal use heat-beads not easy-lites, a roast holder, porcelain or cast-iron roasting dish, enamel drip pan or aluminum tray & meat thermometer. ( Enamel is easier to clean or can be put in the dishwasher )
  • Prepare the food – you’ll get better results if you let the food stand outside the fridge for a few minutes prior to starting. If you intend to marinade, do this well in advance, as this will give you a better flavour. Marinating meat is optional but will help tenderize the food and keep it moist whilst cooking.
  • Prepare the bbq – Always preheat the bbq by turning all burners on high & close the hood – leave for about 5 mins till temperature gauge is hot. Timing will depend on your bbq & its size and design. Avoid over heating during the pre-heat. Note – always light your barbie with the hood open.
  • Position the roast onto the barbie inside a roasting tray that will collect all the cooking juices. ( Leave the roasting tray in the bbq during preheating) You can use these juices as the basis for your gravy – Just add a little flour, stir and heat on your BBQ Side-burner. Again some units have a more even heat modulated Side-burners and will get this gravy done in only a few minutes.
  • Cooking – Make sure the heat is not directly under the food. On a gas bbq, turn off the burners below the food or on a charcoal bbq, ensure the coals are at either side in a charcoal basket. Maintain a low to medium setting inside the hood by turning all remaining burners to the low position. All vents in charcoal unit must be open. Use a temp gauge to check the internal temperature of the roast.
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  • Looking after the barbie – Once you are finished, use a wire brush to clean off the excess food bits from the grill. Never leave your bbq uncleaned. Always apply a coating of oil or cooking spray to the plates & grills to prevent corrosion.

ENJOY – Let the food rest for a few minutes prior to serving.