Building Your Own BBQ

Building Your Own BBQ

For many people summer just isn’t summer unless you have a few barbeques. Theyre a great way of bringing people together, and for you to prove your cooking skills with some real flames. The variety of barbeques on offer in stores is quite remarkable, with different levels of sophistication and fuel sources to choose between. You wouldnt be advised to try making your own fancy gas barbeque, but when it comes to charcoal-fired contraptions there are ways you can do it yourself.

Even supermarkets sell disposable barbeques these days. They work on the simple principle that you need coals, something to shelter your coals, and a heat resistant wire surface to cook things on. Using the same principles you can easily fashion your own little grill. The most basic of these is to set a couple of fifteen-twenty centimetre thick logs in a corner shape on a non-flammable surface, light a few coals in their apex, and then set a grill pan on top.

If you want something reusable the next step up would be a bucket BBQ. To make one of these youll need a metal bucket with no paint on it no one wants toxic burgers and some long screws or metal rods. Punch some holes about a fifth of the way up from the base of the bucket, all the way around, to allow air to the fire. Then put the screws or rods through the metal near the top of the bucket (about a fifth down from the top) but dont fix them in place, as youll need to remove them to put coals in. From there it’s just a case of firing things up on a non-flammable surface.

If you’re really committed to barbeques and you’ve got the space then building a brick barbeque is always an option. The trick is to make sure everything stays level, and make sure you add enough layers of brick to supply shelter on top. Brick barbeques dont look good, as a rule, so make sure to consult other people that care about the garden before you jump into construction mode.

If you think this all sounds like hard work then its worth knowing there are plenty of good quality cheap barbeques to buy out there too, and they’re just as likely to please.

If you’re looking for a great place to keep your barbecue when not in use, garden sheds are the answer.