How to get more from the Side Burner

How to get more from the Side Burner

We often get asked in store about the uses for the common BBQ Side Burner – sometimes referred to as Wok Burner. Quite a lot of people tend to say at first Oh! I dont need this , or We have never used one – well never need it! or I have a fully functional Kitchen next door to the bbq – Why would I need a side burner on the bbq?

Well tackle the answer to this question in two parts :

A. Firstly the person that has never used this function before and doesnt see the need. – Youll be amazed how once you begin to start using the sideburner, it can become a useful tool to compliment BBQ Grilling and Roasting. The simple gravy to accompany sausages for dinner can be done easily on the bbq. Boil some potatoes, toss them on the barbie in the last few minutes. Some customers swear by Frying Fish outside on the side burner – to stop the odours inside – Done any deep frying lately? – Try it on the side burner.

Cooking outside on the BBQ – even simple dishes seem much more fun than inside. Even outside on the balcony – gives the whole situation more appeal. Go On have a try! Youll get more time together without the kids wanting to rush off to watch their favourite TV show.

B. Secondly the person that recognizes the use of the Side Burner but doesnt or cannot fully utilize its potential to be an integral part of your outdoor entertaining.

Pls refer to the comment additions posted by Rod O Brien – Joes Specialist Tech & BBQ Chef – provides some simple recipes to try on your side burner. Also perhaps to include -being adventurous with battered fish on your side burner with thickly sliced chips grilled on the bbq – Mouthwatering!

Remember even though the manifold gas supply to most bbqs are shared with the side burner, you can still fire it up on its own without using the bbq or use both together at the same time.

You soon discover many and varied ways to use your side burner – that will fit into your lifestyle and cooking needs. Most experienced BBQers that do lots of roasting on hooded bbqs, use their side burner as an integral part of preparing the accompanying side dish to the main roast.

Many Side Burner Convert Customers that do change over their bbqs for new ones, are adamant that a Side Burner is a must.