O Grill Portable Grill

O Grill Portable Grill

I have been looking for a new camping grill. It is time to retire my old one because it just doesnt cook the way it use to. When I when to search for one I found the O Grill. I have been looking at the reviews and it seems to be a great choice. Here are some of the thing I have seen.


There are two size options from what the Amazon reviews told me. There is a 1000 and a 3000. It seems that the 1000 is for more one on one camping trips. The reviewer said something like 5 people or less. That still sounds pretty substantial for a little grill. The 3000 can apparently cook for up to 10 people. I think that is pretty amazing for a grill that only weight 25 lbs. Not only that but is has an easy handle with no complicated clipping lids on or folding things into the grill itself when you break down. Sounds like the size doesnt hurt the use.

Ease Speed

The company, Iroda, says that it takes 10 seconds to set up but I have heard people say 10 seconds is the max it should take. All you have to do is unfold the legs, connect the gas and open the grill. It apparently as a really easy ignition because I havent heard any complaint about it yet. Plus the idea that it is so light you can honestly carry it with one hand does really help with ease of use.

I have also heard that it heats fairly consistently over the full grill and when you turn it off is cooled in 10 minutes. Someone said that if you turn it off when you finish your burgers then it will be cool by the time you finish eating them.


If your wife or girlfriend is tired of the grill because it is dirty and hard to clean and just never looks presentable the she will love this. It not only looks very modern as it looks like a seat cushion from far away but it comes in 6, coutem 6 different colors. You can also order accessories like a stand to bring it up to waist height and a bag for when it doesnt look so clean.

For me this sounds like a great alternative to my old grill. Plus it should be fun for any camping or beach trip this summer as it should be able to slide into the trunk without taking up the precious luggage room for my girls.

Do you have an O Grill? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.